Your Family Called, They Want Their Dad Back

MLM Lead SolutionIf you’re anything like me, finding time to market your business in the midst of family life can be a ginormous undertaking and a battle in the waiting.  Fortunately, you can avoid these hurdles if you approach your family with some understanding and enforce some strict, personal discipline upon yourself.

Here’s a few tips to get you back in good graces with the old fam-damily.

Sticking to a set time and length for your marketing will free you up for all sorts of family activities.  I know that my family needs my leadership and attention.  So if I’m not locked up in the office all afternoon, my family won’t turn to cannibalism and start terrorizing the neighbors.

Encouraging strengths instead of pointing out weaknesses in my family has had an incredible effect on the relationships between my wife and my teenagers.  They just didn’t quite understand each other in the first place so weaknesses were easily exploited on both ends.  As a man in the middle, those late night conversations were putting a damper on time I could have been spending on our business.  So putting the positive spin on things had to start at the top. (ME)

Include your family in content creation.  Our good buddy Ray Higdon always uses his family in his videos, I like to share my content with my family to get feedback and laughs.  Lots of network marketers use their families so be creative as a group, you never know what you could come up with.  Plus, you’re killing two birds with one stone.  Family time and content creation all in one!

Going to bed mad?The biggest hurdle in your family is probably sharing the bed with you.  Your spouse could make or break your network marketing business.  So getting them to sign on should be a top priority.  My wife and I always had different ideas on how we approached our business.  As a result of that neither one of us recruited or sold anything for the first 2 years of being in business.  Pretty silly how we sabotaged ourselves right?

Looking back we could have capitalized on working together instead of against each other but as they say, hindsight is 20/20.  Even though my wife isn’t directly involved in the business, I couldn’t do anything without her support which felt like it took for freaking ever to even get.  But on the flip-side she felt I wasn’t supporting her, and she had good reason to feel that way because I wasn’t.  I was consumed with the business and disconnected from the family.  So anything I did was quickly undone through unrest with wife.

Emotions tie in big-time with this industry and personal development goes hand-in-hand with your family as well.  My kids read all of the books I read so I know that they are getting a good glimpse of what I’m trying to do with our family and business.

If you’re a family-man or -woman in the network marketing industry, you know it isn’t just about “balancing family & business”; it’s about reaching deep inside yourself and stretching twice as far as you ever thought you could to give 100% of yourself to BOTH work and family.  Then, it’s about stretching three times further than that as you improve not only yourself, but your skills as a marketer and most importantly, your relationships with the most important people in your world.  When it seems like you’re maxed out with marketing and family, and that there will never be enough of you to go around, just remember, you are in good company.  Keep pushing every day, and one day you’ll not only be successful in business, but you’ll be the husband/wife and father/mother you always wanted to be.  Your family will thank you for it.

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