Your MLM Blog Is BORING – I’ll Prove It To You

This Guy Was Reading Your MLM BlogIf you’re in the network marketing industry and you’re anything like me, you like reading and watching new and fresh content everyday to stimulate the old noggin. What I’ve come across lately is some pretty boring same ol’-same ol’ that makes me want to turn and run to the nearest Mike Dillard site because I know it’s at least going to have some stimulating content or ideas to consume.

Here’s an example of some articles that no-one will bother to read, these are real titles from real industry articles.

  • MLM Marketing System – Establishing Dominance In Organic Search Rankings
  • Tips for Building a List Using Article Marketing
  • Dealing With the Fears That Come With Internet Marketing
  • Easy Home Business – Is There Such a Thing?
  • One Thing at a Time – Keeping Your Internet Marketing Business in Perspective

These articles have been available to read for well over a year and have a combined viewer total of 21 visitors. I can promise you that it wasn’t for a lack of promotion either because they’re MY ARTICLES! I pushed the hell out of those things and didn’t see crap!

But then I had some breakthroughs in my copy-writing and applied a few easy changes I had learned from a couple of people and BAM! “Easy Home Business – Is There Such a Thing?” became “Easy Home Business – So Easy Grandma Can Do It!” and 4 views and no click-throughs became 34 views, 4 click-throughs, and 2 leads over night.

I know that’s not a lot to some people but that’s only one website and one article example with no promotion. It’s just a simple change you can consciously make to be a little more engaging or controversial in your titles to draw in readership.

So know this, there are going to be hundreds of thousands of people out there gunning for the same keywords you are. The only way to grab that traffic away is to stick your foot out and trip em’ up. Make them laugh, make them cry, piss them off, do whatever you have to do to get them in the door. Then serenade them with your sweet ramblings but the title is the first and only impression you may ever get. Your writing may be spectacular but if no-body’s coming in the door to look at it, it’s a waste of your time.

P.S. I only bought one copy-writing course and it changed EVERYTHING for me!

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